Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Precision Modular ARM

New Product!
We now have available the precision modular arm that we believe will supersede the modular arm with better precision and control and reduced inertia. It will also be offered in a more complete, turn-key package with free control software and power supply.

Here is a link to a youtube video of the product:
For more info, contact us at sales@invenscience.com       

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blog migrating

OK. So I think the E-Bomb project will be needing its own blog so everything is going to migrate to E-BombProject.blogspot.com.
This blog will be more general stuff, development, new projects for the company in general.

Pic of the Naked Chassis

The chassis is getting cleaner, but still not perfect. More degreaser and hand wiping will be necessary. The old headlight is kinda cool and came from 37 chevy. I think it belongs on the E-Bomb.

A little more cleanup and some painting

After a bunch of cans of de-greaser the e-bomb still looks rough. I am now going to have to resort to wiping with degreaser. I cleaned up the rear wheel and painted it last night.

First Post, Noobie

Invenscience Blog Site

This is a location to cover new stuff by Invenscience is working on an also to follow some projects that we have in process.

One project I am working on is the E-Bomb. This is basically an electric conversion of a motorcycle.

I started with a purchase of a 1989 Ninja ZX7 that I purchased for $500. It ran at the time, but was really beat and ugly. The hope is to sell the parts pulled from it to offset some of the cost of the new parts. This is a follow on project to an electric bike conversion I did about 8-10 months ago. It turned out to be pretty useful and I get about 30 mph out of it for about 30 miles. That works out pretty nicely for running errands around town, but to really be a commuter, I would like to be able to run with traffic to make things a bit safer. What I am looking for is something that can do 60-70 mph for at least 15 miles with good acceleration. I do not need a show bike, but rather a rolling testbed for learning. It will be a bit of a rat-rod motorcycle with a smattering of tech.  Hence E-Bomb.
Here's a pic of the E-Bomb when I brought it home:

It was very rough as motorcyles go, but had a good, clean title and ran and the brakes appeared to work and it had good tires which is really all I care about. The fact that it was missing a muffler, plastic, fairing etc didn't really matter.

I tore it down to the basic frame for cleaning and to evaluate what I wanted to keep and what was to go on ebay. After hacking it looks like this:

It was pretty grimy and took a lot of cans of degreaser and pressure washing.